This site is owned by Mandy and Owain Williams. Two people who met through running and now want to share their passion with you.

They live, work and train in Edinburgh. 

This blog is a place for them to write about their running, training, races, highs and lows as well as general running related ramblings. A place to review products that they have used either while running or are in some way running related.

Running in Scotland is beautiful and most of the blogs will be about just that. Running in the Pentlands, around Edinburgh and surrounding areas. Occasionally there will be a blog about running elsewhere such as Inverness, Tiree or Amsterdam.

Feel free to leave a comment on any of the blog posts and you never know, you might be the next person to be

Latest Blogs

Get it over and done with


All day today I've known I needed to get a run in but I just couldn't find the energy to p...

By Owain Williams

Be positive


I've decided to try and write a blog each day of December, they will be about running or h...

By Owain Williams

Foxtrail Winter series race 2


Friday evening at 8pm I was standing with my toe on the start line of the second race of t...

By Owain Williams

The Body Coach - weeks 2 & 3


I had hoped to try and get round to blogging about my progress on the Body Coach plan on a...

By Mandy Williams

The Body Coach - week 1


Well week 1 is now done and overall I have found the plan really easy to follow.  It has b...

By Mandy Williams

A two race weekend


It's not very often I run two races in one weekend let along get the results I achieved ei...

By Owain Williams