This review has been a long time in the pipeline and there are reasons for that which I will go in to later. 

As some of you might have read via my blog on ashmei, I am currently running 70 miles a week and that tends to mean running twice a day, in to and from work. 

The issue I was having back in May was trying to get my work clothes in to the office without being all creased. I used to run with a 25 litre Karrimor rucksack which was good but due to carrying my lunch, tablet, phone, keys and anything else I needed to take to work, my shirts weren't in the best of nick by the time I got to the office.

This was when I saw a tweet from @iamrunbox, they were looking for run commuters who blog to review their product. I quickly dropped them a message and within a couple of days I had a box delivered to the flat. 

First impressions

It's a box for putting shirts / trousers in. 


For some reason I expected a rucksack or shoulder straps for the box, possibly because of the name, but it's just a rigid shell to put your clothes in. You then put the box inside another rucksack of your choice which actually makes more sense.
I used to run with a Karrimor Wind 25L rucksack which had a curved back on it and due to the rigid form of the IAMRUNBOX, it didn't fit very well and so I gave up on it. This is the main reason why this review has taken so long. 

After running 13 miles a day with the Karrimor bag I decided I needed to invest in a lighter bag and so bought an Inov8 bag instead. This bag doesn't have any frame and is much lighter, because of the change of bag, I thought I'd give the IAMRUNBOX another go! 

To give it a fair chance, I have been running with it for the past month.

The box comes with a folding assistant to help you make sure your clothes fit in the box and stay crease free, basically it's a bit of plastic with instructions on how to fold your clothes, I needed this! You use the assistant to fold your clothes around it, slide the assistant out and your clothes fit perfectly inside, everytime.

The box also comes with a smaller net bag, which I presume is for putting dirty washing in but to be honest, I've lost it already!

Once I started using the box with my new rucksack the first thing I noticed was how well the box fits in the bag. The key I found was to pack the box in to my bag first and then pack anything else in the bag afterwards. I place the box against my back and it sits really well. I hardly notice it. It doesn't jump up and down inside the back when running. It has rounded corners and no sharp edges, ideal for minimalist running bags.

The IAMRUNBOX is weather proof as well which is good because I've had a couple of runs in to work that have been heavy downpours and although my bag is showerproof, it's not Scotland proof! The box has been wet but my clothes instead it have been nice and dry.

It's hard to write much more about a box but it has made my commute much easier!

The longest run I've done with the box is 10 miles one morning in to work and it worked well.

I've been putting more and more stuff in to my box to help cut down the bulk in my rucksack and so far I've had:

  • Socks
  • Underwear
  • Jeans
  • Tshirt
  • Wallet
  • Sketch pad
  • 10" tablet
  • and headphones

all in the IAMRUNBOX without any problems and crease free clothes!

If you commute to work and need a solution to creased clothes? I'd recommend giving a IAMRUNBOX a go, just make sure you have a large enough rucksack to carry it in.


Owain Williams

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